DayFlex Denture Inc.  offers customized denture services direct to the public.  

"Your satisfaction will be assured along with your smile." 

Denturists have offered a personalized denture service direct to the public of Nova Scotia for over three decades.  Denturists consider the welfare of their clients to be paramount.  For example, no matter how natural and lifelike a denture may be, they are still artificial and every effort should be made to protect the natural teeth you may have.  

Constant adherence by denturists to strict principals insures quality of service and the highest quality materials available today for the most reasonable fees. 

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New Dentures-What to Expect

Your Denturist will conduct an oral examination.  This is a simple but important check and only when satisfied your mouth is healthy and capable of retaining a denture, will her or she proceed.  Denturists do not diagnose conditions of the mouth, they as with most health disciplines, refer patients with problems to dental or medical specialists. 

A denture service to your satisfaction is a complex and challenging procedure whether you require a single or upper and lower balanced dentures.  Denturist face a large number of variables and each patient presents a different set of physical technical and psychological considerations.  During your consultation, your denturist will explain what you may reasonably expect of him or her and what the service will cost. 

When a denturist commences construction of your new denture, he will ask a number of questions relating to your needs and preferences.  Feel free to express your opinions, an open relationship with your denturist aids in the success of the completed denture.  The individual teeth are chosen and positioned to harmonize with your facial characteristics.  The artificial teeth are temporarily set in wax, then inserted in the mouth.  This provides the denturist the opportunity to check and ensure the denture will function properly and also allows the patient to preview the teeth in the mouth.  At this time the artificial teeth may be changed or rearranged to your satisfaction. 

A new denture will enhance your face and hold your jaws the proper distance apart.  Some facial lines may be softened and more youthful looking.  You and your friends will soon prefer the new you.  Your denturist will request the opportunity to adjust the denture(s) 24 to 48 hours after receiving them.  It is normal to have corrective adjustments made by your denturist to ensure a comfortable fit.  Denturists offer adjustments inclusive of the price of a new denture.  Some patients feel comfortable within a week, others may take longer.  Be patient, consult your denturist, and you will master them. 

Maintaining your dentures and oral health care

Dentures normally last approximately 5 years, but like natural teeth they wear and stain over time.  Tissues in the mouth also undergo constant changes requiring your denture to be adjusted or relined periodically.  Denture relines can be completed within 24 hours at most denturist's offices. 

Some patients fear they will require a new denture if the denture breaks or a tooth is lost, but dentures can usually be repaired.   Store purchased repair materials offer temporary repairs, but often ruin the denture for permanent denture repair.  Take the denture to your denturist as most simple repairs can be completed while you wait.  As the denture gets older, denture wearers not not satisfied with the fit may consider powders pr pastes in an effort to hold the dentures more securely in the mouth.  The poor fit of the denture and the pressure of the adhesive is generally increase bone and tissue shrinkage and hasten the resorption process.  Plastic liner or pads are another option, but these are also destructive to the mouth and may cause serious damage. 

Your Denturist may make recommendations, but the degree of assistance he or she can offer, will depend on the conditions that are present in the mouth.  To ensure your dentures are fitting properly, consult your denturist once a year before a problem develops. 

Denturists are professionals providing a personalized service to meet your denture requirements.  Your satisfaction can be assured along with your smile.

 "Thank you for restoring my smile and renewing my confidence."  T. LeBlanc~Glace Bay NS

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